In the heart of the most beautiful city in the world, in one of the most quiet part of Venice between "The Accademia Gallery" and the "Peggy Guggenheim Collection" where all the people can breathe the Art at one minute from the Accademia bridge, you will find "A Glimpse of Venice" where you can find a careful selection of the best Murano glass and discover the true love of art and for beautiful things, that the family Vernier, for many years and is promoting, offering its customers a careful selection of the most refined and luxurious variety of objects that characterize the production dell'artgianato Venice.
Vases, goblets, glasses, mirrors, bowls, Murano glass in various forms, such as mirrors or shiny satin like velvet. The magic of the palaces of Venice reflected in the objects from the soft colors, iridescent and beautifully decorated, the unique shapes created by the mouth of the glass-blowing, according to the most 'ancient tradition of Murano glass.
And then the jewels ... rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, all items made completely by hand according to ancient craftsmanship.
An entire collection of unique works of limited edition collectibles.



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